Frequently Asked Questions

Peanuts 'n JellyBeans

We want to take this opportunity to answer questions we commonly hear in store. Please feel free to contact us if y’all have questions we do not address here.

What is traditional 3-letter monogramming?

In a traditional 3 letter monogram there is 1 larger letter which is the initial of the last name. It is most often placed in the center, but we are huge fans of the stacked style as well.

What if my name doesn't fit?

Of course, y’all know that not everyone’s name fits this pattern and we have several customers who either don’t have a middle name or have two. We won’t leave them out of the fun. Most any font can be used for a two-letter and you will see a few of the ways we do four.

What are my personalization options?

If the gift is to be used in the home such as guest towels, hand towels, trays it is always appropriate to use the woman’s monogram as she is the lady of the home and the hostess with the mostest.

A fun option is the couple’s combined monogram – woman’s first initial in place of a first name, man’s first initial in place of a middle name, and their last name in its typical place. Remember, as you were raised – lady’s first.

Finally, last name is always an option and a great one for bags the whole family may use and the like.

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