Scout Errand Boy


Optimized for carrying multiple grocery bags because the less time spent in the parking lot the better. This large bag carries a ridiculous amount of stuff and folds flat to preserve trunk space. The max capacity, break away zipper lets you fill to the brim or overfill and use as an open tote.

B’s Current Tip – don’t even get a cart the grocery! Carry this, fill it and refill it after checking out. No grocery bags, to touching a cart. Sanitize your bag easily with wipes or disinfectant.

PnJ Girls Favorite Uses – BASEBALL GEAR!! Long enough for bats, big enough all over for catcher’s gear. We try to keep a masculine print in stock for just this reason… Nantucket Navy.
Secondly, if you every have to haul party serving dishes like cake plates and more, it is perfect because you can put those dishes on the bottom and still fill with other paper goods, decorations and more!

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Dimensions: 13” X 12” X 26”

Material: All weather woven. Wipes Clean

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Stitch Perfect, Stream & Shout, Banana, Popsicle Road, Spotted at Sea